November 9, 2016
The 31 Days of December for Busy Fundraisers
November 30, 2016

A Gift to You: House Party Guide

As Leslie so aptly wrote last week, “Onward!”  We have work to do.

As always, the work of nonprofits lies in mobilizing people to act on their values.  Philanthropy is one of the best ways to shine a light on what is most important to us as human beings and as citizens of the world.

House parties are a great way to ignite the spark in new donors and give them a chance to invest in what matters to them most.

The idea is that a volunteer (could be a board member or front line volunteer) hosts an intimate gathering of friends, neighbors or colleagues at their home or office to introduce new people to your organization.

In a small setting, there’s plenty of opportunity to meet every guest and learn about their interests and why they might care about your cause.

You’ve never done a house party?  Don’t worry!

We’re giving you an advance copy of our new e-Workbook How to Have a House Party and Bring New Donors to Your Cause.

This publication will be for sale in the coming months, but we simply couldn’t wait for you to have it!

We are anxious for you to spread the word of your good work, to provide a voice for what’s most important, and to create opportunities for donors to invest in the world they want to create.

So, please enjoy – and use – this gift. Changing the world is a ground game.  Let’s get to it!

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