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Below are some resources you might find helpful in your own fundraising work. Just click on them and they are yours to keep!

Books & Bundles

The Asking Workbook

How to ask for BIG gifts for your great cause! A 7-step guide featuring sample language, templates, and real-life examples.

The Leaky Bucket

Why invest in new donors if you can’t keep the ones you’ve got? This interactive e-workbook aims to help you make the most of your efforts to get donors – and keep them.

Year-End Appeal Bundle

The Year-End Appeal Bundle is chock full of checklists, report templates, worksheets and tips to help you organize the all-important Year-End Appeal.

How to Have a House Party

A Step-by-Step Guide for the Development Team featuring sample invitation text, host packets, and an event agenda.

Creating Your Fundraising Plan

Major Gifts Opportunities Matrix

Organize your major gift asks with this giving opportunities matrix.

6 Steps to Fundraising planning

Create a fundraising plan from scratch using this ready-to-go outline.

Donor Retention Calendar

Use this simple template to help focus on retaining your donors.

10 Steps to the Un-Gala

Every great fundraising event has a goal – use this worksheet to plan yours!

Board Pre-Campaign Survey

Share this survey with your board before you launch your next campaign.

Giving Day Resource Inventory

Use this grid to identify capacity and resources that you can use for Giving Days!

Developing Your Donors

Acquisition for Grassroots Groups

Learn the pros and cons of techniques for bringing in lots of donors for small organizations.

Board Fundraising Menu

Give your board members a menu of fundraising options and then let them choose!

Middle Donor Calculator

Find your valuable middle donors using this worksheet.

Prospect Rating & Screening Form

Organize information about your prospects with this simple template.

Prospect Identification Exercise

Engage board members and volunteers to find major gift prospects.

The Cycle of Donor Relations

Organize your entire fundraising program using this simple graphic.

Donor Relationship Builder

Keep track of the “moves” you make with your donors that receive one-on-one cultivation and stewardship!

Measuring Your Success

Monthly Campaign Report

Use this simple report to track your campaign progress.

Snapshot Report

Track your fundraising performance on one single page.

Three Year Fundraising Analysis

Get a handle on the performance of your fundraising program over time with this worksheet.

Year-End Analysis

Use this report to create a full analysis of your year-end fundraising results.

Telling Your Story

Sample Campaign Case Statement 1

This brochure made solicitation a snap for staff and volunteer solicitors.

Sample Campaign Case Statement 2

This heartfelt brochure really captured the spirit of a successful capital campaign.

Sample Campaign Case Statement 3

This campaign brochure inspired donors with photography and easy-to-read text.

Cooking up a Case Statement

Use our handy checklist to improve your case for giving.

Planned Giving Language

Use this sample language to market bequests and other planned gifts.

Year-End Appeal Outline

This outline will get you well on your way to writing the ever-important year-end appeal!

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