Year-End Appeal Bundle

The cornerstone of most fundraising operations is the Year-End Appeal. Donors are conditioned to receive it in time for holiday giving (and the end of the tax year). Most fundraisers count on it to meet their goals. But, is your Year-End Appeal performing like you think it could? Are you setting goals and meeting them? Are you tracking your progress and determining ways to improve for next year?

Our Year-End Appeal Bundle puts together a series of checklists, worksheets, and report templates to help you on your way.

Your free e-workbook includes: 

  • A Situation Analysis to help you set a baseline
  • A Resource Inventory to help you activate all your assets
  • A Constituencies and Channels worksheet to hold your plan
  • A Year-end Appeal Checklist so that you don't forget anything
  • A sample report template for you to make your own

    Download your copy for free.

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